High Flyer

Laurel has been lucky to have had so many people come to visit. She has taken a few trips herself.  In the beginning of July, we all visited lots of cousins and other relatives in New York. Here are some pictures of Laurel from that trip.  At the end of August we took another plane trip.  This time to Colorado.  We have a few pictures from that trip as well.

Laurel's first plane trip - July 7, 2001

Laurel's first trip to a Restaurant with cousins Tony, Hailey, and Jeremy - July 7, 2001

Laurel and cousin Brenda - July 8, 2001

Laurel and cousin Lauren have very similar names

We visited Karl and Hansa (and Radar) in Colorado at the end of August

Laurel with Daddy at an overlook

Laurel with Mommy, Tony, and Jeremy at Bubbe's house in New York - July 8, 2001

Cousin Melissa drove down from Rhode Island to visit Laurel - July 8, 2001

Laurel, Bubbe, and Mommy going on a walk. Bubbe means grandmother in Hebrew, but Bubbe is actually Laurel's great-grandmother!

Laurel with Mommy in picturesque Colorado - August 25, 2001 

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