Laurel's Second Birthday

On Friday, April 25th, Laurel and several of her closest friends celebrated Laurel's second birthday with a Dora the Explorer theme party.  First, everyone played outside and helped open the pinata.  Since the kids weren't old enough to hit it with a stick, Mommy attached ribbons to a panel in the bottom and the kids pulled it to open.  The candy inside was very yummy, but Laurel was a little upset that her Dora pinata "broke."  After the pinata, everyone went inside for some cake and empanadas, a Cuban treat with fried dough stuffed with piccadillo for the adults, or pizza toppings and cheese for the kids.  Then of course there were lots of presents.  A fun time was had by all.


Mommy helps Laurel grab onto the pinata

Candy everywhere!

Laurel is opening a present from Ella.

Ella and Sadie help Laurel open a present from Mommy's friend Anne, an alphabet floormat.

All of Laurel's friends are ready to pull!

Laurel enjoys an empanada.

Thank you, Ella.

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