Lisa Rebeca Fernandez Fredericks

I was a first-grade teacher at Terra Centre Elementary School in Burke, VA.  I taught at Terra Centre for five years, and was co-curator of their website.  Here is an archived version of a webpage I put together for my class.  I'm currently on leave for my second year so I can stay home with my beautiful baby girl, Laurel. I graduated from the University of Virginia in 1996 with a Bachelor's degree in Government and a Master's of Teaching degree.  

During my free time, I am one of the leaders in my church's mommy's group.  We meet once a week for adult conversation and to let the children play.  Though I must admit, Laurel rarely lets me leave her with the babysitter.  My mommy's group also has book discussions.  We recently put together Thanksgiving dinner for our adopted family, and we are now working on making their Christmas a special one.  I am also active in my local La Leche League where Laurel and I often attend monthly meetings.  During our spare time, Laurel and I take classes through the county and we go to the library.

Over the past three months I have worked on two big projects.  The first one was finishing Laurel's bathroom.  I took down the old wallpaper.  After quietly cursing the previous owners of the house, I proceeded to repair the walls with joint compound and power sand the entire room.  Then I was finally able to paint.  My quest for a cute duck border or stencil failed, so I had to create my own.  I've put some pictures up on our duck page.  My second big project was organizing all of my teaching stuff and cleaning out the basement.  Our basement is now a second family room and a play room for Laurel.

Our Wedding Day - November 21, 1998

Lisa and 3-week old Baby Laurel, May 11, 2001.

Lisa and Laurel slide at Burke Lake Park, September, 2001.


Laurel, Mommy, and cousin Chrissie in early May, 2001


Lisa, Aunt Becky, and Abuela Mia - 3 generations of mothers - on Mother's Day 2001

Lisa and Laurel enjoy the snow on January 19, 2002

Laurel blows out the candles on April 22, 2002

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