Laurel E. Fredericks

Laurel is now old enough that it's hard to get all of her pictures onto one page.  So we had to split it into two.  You can, of course, go back to her old page, and see lots of other pictures.

Laurel is now almost two and a half years old.  She's eagerly awaiting the arrival of her new baby brother or sister (we think it will be a brother but you never know...).  She really enjoys playing with her friends, and she loves watching movies like Winnie the Pooh.  Recently she's also watched Sleeping Beauty and Bambi.  She got a play kitchen for her birthday and it is one of her favorite toys.  She also likes playing with her Duplos and with all of her dolls.  One of her favorite activities is drawing with crayons (and markers when Mommy or Daddy will let her).  She also likes when Mommy or Daddy read her books, and sometimes she tries to read books on her own, such as Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you See?.  She also likes making up her own stories, and when she gets started spinning a yarn, you just have to sit back, relax, and let her go for a while.

Her new favorite food is a ham, cheese, peanut butter, and jelly sandwich.  Sometimes she makes them on wheat bread, sometimes on crackers.  She really likes making things herself.  Whenever we make pancakes for breakfast, Laurel wants to help crack the egg and mix the ingredients.  She especially likes helping with the chocolate chips. 



Laurel plays with her friends in the pool at the mommy's group cookout in July.

Laurel with Bubbe and Aunt Honey on our trip to New York in July.

Laurel in her pretty new outfit.

Mommy and Laurel are ready for church on Easter.

Laurel helps Daddy rake the front yard.

Laurel and Mommy snuggle on the couch.

Laurel and Jonah had fun at the rodeo and livestock show. (What else do kids do in Texas?)

Look at how deep the snow was - it was up to Daddy's knees!

Laurel gives her cousin Benjamin a kiss at Christmas dinner.

Laurel enjoys one of her Christmas presents.

Shabbat fell on the eighth night of Hannukah so we lit lots of candles.

Laurel was a ladybug for Halloween Oct. 2002.

In New York, Laurel visits with her cousin Hailey.

Laurel climbs a tree at Bubbe's house. Daddy used to climb this tree when he was a kid.

Laurel got Candy Land for her birthday.

Laurel rests after a hard day of yardwork.

"Tut tut, it looks like rain."

It was Mommy's birthday, but Grammie gave Laurel some presents too.

Sadie, Matilda, and Laurel got to ride on a sled.

This time we built a snowman when it snowed.

Laurel really liked Sesame Street Live.

We all went to see Sesame Street Live!

It snowed alot the winter of 2002-3. Laurel helps clear the driveway.

Laurel and Mommy enjoy the fall air on the deck.


Sukkot 2002

Laurel's Second Birthday

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