Laurel E. Fredericks

Yes, we know the real reason you are visiting this page is to see pictures of wonderful baby Laurel. 

As of November 27th, Laurel weighed 21 pounds 4 ounces and measured 31 3/4 inches.   Laurel has twelve teeth including four molars.  Her canines are coming in now.  She can walk, run and climb up on almost anything.  Laurel can say over a hundred words though her favorite words are still "mommy", "dada", "elmo" and "okay".  Her most recent accomplishment is learning to count to ten (with some help).

Laurel is very curious.  She likes taking things out of purses and bags.  She particularly likes credit cards.  Laurel's favorite foods include smoothies, crackers (with peanut butter), cheese and, of course, ice cream.  Laurel loves to be read to.  Her current favorite book is Bunny Cakes.  She loves to draw (often on herself), and she also loves to play on the computer.  Her favorite computer games are Grandma and Me and Winnie the Pooh Toddler.

If you want to see some newer pictures of Laurel, you can go to her new page.


Laurel plays in the fall leaves while wearing her favorite sweater.

Laurel and Dada enjoy a UVA football game.

Laurel and Dada at Laurel's swim class.

Laurel walks on the deck.

Laurel climbs in her toy basket.

Laurel and Mommy visit the giant pandas.

I've already heard that story, Daddy.

Crawling to Daddy.

Laurel loves computers, just like Daddy.

On September 22, 2001, Laurel ate her first solid food.

Laurel has found her feet.

On August 4, 2001, Laurel rolled over for the first time.

Laurel helps out with the laundry.

Laurel looking adorable.

Laurel in her PJ's playing with her "baby".

Laurel in her Easter dress.

"Laurel and Daddy had a fun day at the zoo.

"La viejita" or "the nose wrinkle"

I wonder what is under here.

Laurel can pull up to standing.

Laurel loves to read, just like Mommy.

Laurel is laughing and smiling up a storm.

Laurel loves to play with her toys.

Baby Laurel

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