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I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Outtask, Inc. in Alexandria, VA. I spend most of my time working on our Expense Management Package. I graduated from the University of Virginia (where I also met my wonderful wife) in 1995 with a math degree, and received a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland in 1999.

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In 2001, Microsoft wrote a case study about Outtask's migration of our Expense Management tool from Oracle's database product to Microsoft SQL Server 2000. I was interviewed for this paper and the paper makes me sound real important! (obviously an oversight on the part of the author).

I discovered not that long ago that my Master's paper - Using Defect Tracking and Analysis to Improve Software Quality - had been posted on the internet by the organization that provided the grant for the research. You can download the paper in PDF format here.. I also have a Postscript Version of the file on my old homepage - this link will only be active so long as Maryland does not terminate that account.

And how about a more formal citation:

G. Travassos, F. Shull, M. Fredericks, V. Basili. "Detecting Defects in Object-Oriented Designs: Using Reading Techniques to Increase Software Quality." In Proc. of the Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications (OOPSLA), Denver, Colorado, November 1999. (Also available in ACM SIGPLAN NOTICES 34:(10), 47-56, Oct. 1999.)

(Yes, I managed to get one real paper published when I was in grad school.)

You can go visit Fred's blog if you're really bored.

Running, running, running...

Back in High School and then for a year in college, I was a pretty avid runner. However, after a couple knee operations and other things that took up time in life, I essentially gave it up. In May of 2003, I decided I was 30 and that it was time to get back in shape. So, I started running again, and even completed a marathon in November, five days before Joseph was born. Don't know if I'll ever do another one but I am certainly enjoying running and racing again.

Wanna be like Mike?

As you can see, Michael Jordan and I are clearly cut from the same cloth. First, our feet don't touch the ground. Second, we both do that "tongue thing" when competing.

Fred as Gene Simmons, Halloween 1996

Fred (without makeup) and 1-week old Baby Laurel, April 29, 2001.

Fred and Laurel slide at Pope's Head Park.

Fred finishing up the Marathon on November 9, 2003. 4:14:50.

Jordan dunking in 1987; Fred finishing up the Pikes Peek 10k on April 24, 2004. 44:51.

Go Hoos!

Random Stuff
Here's an old Mountain Dew page I put together when I was in grad school.

So in a random web search today I found a picture (from a former Tennesee women's basketball player's personal site) of the 1996 UVa/Tennessee Elite 8 game. Sadly that game was a turning point (in a not-so-good way) for UVa women's basketball - UVa had the lead in the second half and endured a horrific scoring drought and Tennessee won. Having home court in the NCAA tournament the first 4 games and a team that good it was a good chance for a final four run... but anyway, yours truly was the P.A. announcer for UVa women's basketball that season and lo and behold guess whose blurry face you can see in the background if you sorta squint...
Fred and Tora Suber
Tora Suber diving for a loose ball. Fred in the background

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