Laurel's Family

Laurel is blessed to have many wonderful family members. Mommy's family comes from Cuba originally and now mostly lives in Virginia, Florida, Georgia, and New York. Daddy's family is mostly from Virginia, Connecticut and New York. Daddy's mommy (Grammie) lives in Belize. That's very far away.

Laurel has been lucky to have had so many people come to visit.  Here are some pictures of Laurel with different people in her family.  She has taken a few trips herself, but Laurel is not one for long car or plane rides.

Laurel and Mommy on the deck.

Gramps pushes laurel on the swing.

Visiting with Bubbe

Daddy shows Laurel his lawnroom.

Mother's Day 2002

Laurel with her two bis Abuelas (that is great Grandmother in Spanish)

Laurel and Grammie an Gramps- July 20, 2001

Laurel and her Aunt Erica - April 29, 2001

One week old Laurel meets her Zayde (that's Grandfather in Hebrew)


The ladybug visits Abuela Mia the day before Halloween.

Laurel brushes Grammie's hair.

Laurel builds a tower with Abuelito.

Father's Day 2002

Laurel loves her new car that her Abuelito got her.

 Laurel plays with her Abuelita and Abuela Idalia- July 21, 2001

Laurel and Aunts Hillary and Claire- July 20, 2001

Zayde comes back to visit again - July 1, 2001

Laurel meets Bubbe Wanda, one of her Grandmothers

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