December Holidays

Laurel had a very busy December.  We had a quiet first Hannukah at home.  Then we traveled to Williamsburg for an early Christmas with Grammie and Gramps.  We drove home on Christmas Eve to celebrate with Lisa's family.  Laurel got tons of presents.  Her favorite part of the holidays was the wrapping paper!

Laurel opening a gift on the first night of Hannukah.

Mommy and Laurel on the eighth night of Hannukah.

The cousins gather for lunch.

Laurel and Alice Ann.

Laurel plays with uncle Bill.

Do I get to eat wrapping paper now, Mommy?

Yummy, bows!

Laurel and Daddy light the candles on the third night of Hannukah.

Laurel sits with her Grammie.

Laurel with Belinda.

Laurel shows off her finger sucking to Tyler and Alice Ann.

Don't forget to take me.

Yea, wrapping paper!

Laurel and Abuelito play with her toys.

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