Brad and Chrissie's Wedding - July 14, 2001

On July 14, 2001, our cousin Chrissie married her husband Brad. Here are some pictures from the big day. I have not taken the time yet to use Photoshop to touch these pictures up, but hopefully I'll get a chance to do that soon.  Please be patient as this page will take a long time to load if you're on dial-up (there are 25 pictures to load).

Laurel, Lisa, and "Tio" Brian at the Rehearsal

Chrissie's not nervous at all.  Really.

Chrisse and the Bridesmaids at the rehearsal dinner

The big day has arrived

Reinaldo with some final words for his baby girl

Bridesmaids and Chrissie

All the attendants on the bridge at Meadowlark park

Becky and Reinaldo tearin' up the dance floor

A very happy Chrissie


Lisa, Laurel, Abuela Mia, Brian, and Elisita

Big Brother and Baby Sister

The hokey pokie

Brian and Brad receiving last minute instructions

Reinaldo's not nervous at all.  Really.

Becky, Laurel, and Julianna

Chrissie and Meghan getting ready

Lisa, Laurel, and Abuela Mia right after the ceremony

Becky gives Chrissie Ramsey a hug


Brian workin' the ladies as usual

Chrissie and Daddy dancing

Michael and Idalita

Brian workin' the ladies as usual

Becky and Chrissie say good bye to Laurel as it's past her bedtime

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