Baby Laurel

Here are some "classic" pictures of Laurel.  Including pictures from her first days out of the womb.

The first picture of baby Laurel.

Happy at last, in Mommy's arms.

Safe and sound at home.

Mommy bonds with 8-day old Laurel

Laurel's first time wearing overalls - May 15, 2001

Bathtime! May 20, 2001

First picture with our new camera - Laurel July 2, 2001

What lung capacity!

Daddy shows Teddy Dog to Laurel.

Mommy and Laurel snuggle on the couch - May 4, 2001

Daddy holding Laurel in her cute overalls - May 15, 2001

Laurel, Mommy, and cousin Chrissie in early May, 2001

Laurel (one month) visits with Jonah (five months).

Happy Halloween!

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